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Knoll Bows was founded in 1932 by ALFRED KNOLL (1909 – 1980). His son Hartmut Knoll (born in 1937), master craftsman examination 1965, took over the firm in 1977. Alfred`s grandson Gerald Knoll (born in1968, master craftsman examination 1998) took over the workshop in 2003. The company has now spanned three generations of the Knoll family.

They produce individually manufactured violin, viola, cello, gampa and bass bows in an extensive range. The quality range of their products extends from the good student bow to the highest requirements of the master’s bow.

A careful selection of woods, which have been stored for many years, as well as the precise craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of their products, exclusively performed by well trained specialists, are the most important foundations of their work. Even with the beginner’s bow, they offer a carefully prepared and thus more-than-adequate tool to the hand of the instrumentalist. Weight and balance are optimal. Excellent technical and tonal characteristics are the result of specific planing treatment and bending of the stick. This increases throughout the entire quality range up to their master bows, representing the finest craftsman ship work of the master. Here carefully selected fine-pored pernambuco wood that has been stored for many years is used exclusively. The selection of the remaining materials is undertaken with similar care.

Through decades of experience as well as intensive exchange with musicians and workmates, detailed features have been identified and adapted to meet the highest demands. This ability is attested by medals in national and international exhibitions and competitions.

Knoll Bows

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